Allowing acceptance into your life

Allow yourself to just be, come exactly as you are within your space as whatever your reasons there is no judgement you are within a safe environment when practicing yoga and meditation as it is your truest state of inner peace

Creating a calm environment inside and out will bring ease to your mind and body and your practice will begin to adapt to your body, your needs and your life

The beauty of yoga is that you get to fully focus on your own body, accepting your being exactly as it is, you will start to understand how your body works as an individual and respect yourself everyday and bring well-being to the forefront of your thoughts

You are worthy of self care
You are worthy of self love
You are worthy of feeling complete

?Do I need to be flexible
?Do I need to lose weight
?Will I feel awkward
?What if I have questions
I am nervous I'm not sure I can do it

Theses questions are all valid and the answer is the same each time
The thought is fear based of the unkknown
You have expectations of something you have not experienced before 
so I will say to you 
come as you are
There is no judgement
No expectation from me or others
Yoga is about the connection within yourself to bring harmony to your own being by the union of mind
body and spirit
Each day is different, each body is different, each practice is different  so leave expectation at the door and allow yourself to experience a new and profound

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