Being authentically you is a struggle most of our lives to accept who we are, to not try and prove ourselves and to not step back because of expectation and others judgement. We stay in the shadows so we don't get judges, we don't have to experience pain from ridicule of others, the expectations that are a part of someone else become a weight for us to bear. So we stay, stuck within this tight, dark space, we feel like we can't breath, but the fear of moving even a little further out, leaves us exposed to a forest of wild predators, a place of terror so we sink back and stay put, we do not move a little, we stay suffocated, with our eyes closed just hoping no-one will notice us.


Feeling this darkness is valid in each and everyone of us, we seek assurance and acceptance every single day, we seek acceptance in our choices and decisions to make our next move, which like staying stuck in the darkness only ever provides more fear and isolation, it only ever provides a stagnant and dejected life. We have no purpose, no meaning, no self-belief until you decide to go within and listen to all those unanswered questions!


Ask yourself

Do I want a happier life?

Do I deserve to feel good about myself?

Do I deserve to live my live the way I envisage it?


Now is the time to answer those questions, when you feel like you cannot even attempt to open your eyes and see the world, go within and ask yourself 'What do I truly want?'

Perfection is non-existent

If we do not make mistakes we cannot learn

If we are not judged we aren't living and the reason I say that is because no matter your choices, no matter what path you take, there will be someone waiting around each corner to judge you, to comment on your choices and give you unrealistic expectations but those come from their own fears, their own insecurities and their own lack of self-belief to follow their own dreams.

Take this moment as you read to focus in on what you have done within your life, all the things you have gone through and overcome, and you HAVE overcome them and you are here reading this right now! Its a sign that you are stringer than you thought, you have moved from that darkness to fight the vicious acts that life can give sand you have created a strength, an opportunity to deepen your resilience and you have embraced your purpose without even realising it.


This is where you learn to be exactly who you are, you learn through your own struggles and traumas that you can continue to overcome, you can go through so much and still grow, still rise everyday and bring that smile to the surface. You are a unique seed that grows and blooms in it's own way, you experience life your own way and your vision of the world is within your eyes only. You are AUTHENTICALLY you!


Allow yourself this opportunity right here to start to live your life as you, your choices are yours, your opinions are yours and as long as it is done with kindness and compassion with a genuine truthfulness and integrity, you can release from the fear of judgement because it is invalid, you can release from comparison as it is invalid and you can release from other expectation as it is invalid!


Step out of your comfort zone

Take small steps

Try something you haven't had the courage to do before

Find your courage and be exactly who you are meant to be

Let people see the real you, the unique you, the confident you



Love and light

Alexandra x

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