Creating mindful thought

Awareness is the key to bringing mindful thought into your daily life. The fear of changing big parts of your life is daunting and the thought of focusing on yourself as a person seems alien, it stops people from really investing in the most important thing and that's you! 

Understanding that small steps create the most progress and has the biggest impact on your life as a whole, awareness of the self is just being aware of how you treat yourself, your relationship with yourself and the language you use to wards yourself within your thoughts or when you speak to others. hen we acknowledge the language we realise how important it is to keep a positive mindset.

This begins to make ripples in your life, to begin with they will be small, some so much you cannot see them but they are there and slowly they will become apparent, they will begin to rise up and you will see them, you will start to feel them and the changes will start happening.

Acceptance of our circumstances, of where we are in our life, trusting the journey we are on and letting go of the past traumas we faced will allow the healing process to begin, we begin to grow from the inside out and begin to find more and more calm in each and everyday.

How do we discover daily acceptance?

We begin with affirmations each morning to tell ourselves what we accept in our lives, an honest look at ourselves and really ask ourselves - 'What do I want in my life?'

Accepting your strengths and weaknesses -  Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses but that does not make us less worthy of progressing in our lives, the approach is diffrent for everyone and the reason why is we are all unique, we have our own thoughts, feelings and opinions but one thing remains the same and that is we are capable of connecting on a deeper level to give back to us what we truly deserve. 

We all travel at different rates through the journey we call life, there are barriers to cross, traumas that draw us back but by learning to find calm in the midst of our storms we will begin to feel content within and that will show on the outside. This doesn't mean life wont be tough and we won't face more of life's lessons but we will have the strength within to manage them with a realistic approach to remove those blockages, to respond to what we face with courage and confidence.

When we make the choice to move forward and not allow self critic, judgement and past experiences to hold us back we stand strong, we set our boundaries to not be dragged down anymore and begin to stand complete in our glory!

Acceptance of emotional fear and understanding the voice within..........


Love and light

Alexandra xx

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