Equilibrium - Re-centre to find balance

Life is tough and finding balance is even tougher but this is because we tend to go full speed into change and then we derail, we feel broken, bruised and like we've failed, so take a moment here to shift your thought pattern to a simpler version of creating balance within your everyday life, within your body and give yourself some clarity back. Your mind is the strongest tool you will ever possess and it is yours to nurture, to guide and train. So choose wisely what you feed it, how you speak to it and how you rest it. Our chooses begin before we even open our eyes in the mornings, before we go to bed the night before, whilst we sleep we are processing, we are healing and surrendering our thoughts but we need to take this to a deeper level when we are on the plain in between wake and sleep, our meditative state as this is where we are consciously healing our mind and bodies from what we hold onto and preparing ourselves to move forwards in our life. Meditation doesn't have to be hours ling, it doesn't have to include chanting or a spiritual level, all it needs is an open mind, no expectation and for you to leave your self judgement behind. Anything we change in life takes courage, needs a new perspective of thought processes to accept that change so we can learn, we can grow and rise above the murky waters we see as our life below and continue to smile, continue to find solace in the present moment and to feel positive about the direction we are headed. 




Only you can make these chooses, with intention, with courage and unconditional love for yourself so you can free your mind of fear and move past your edge, expand your horizons and spread your wings. It will feel uncomfortable but my goodness when you take that step you will soar, you will feel free, you will feel like you can achieve your goals and the best part you will have faith in yourself.


Finding balance In life comes from much more than a change of exercise routine, a change of diet, it is a change of commitment to yourself.


Slow down when it comes to change, really think about what it is you want to manifest in your life, what you want to let go of as we have to make room for the new by letting go of the past, going within may seen a bit out there or a little scary but it is necessary to find your happiness, your truth, your dreams and your growth. 

Don't forget life still happens, traumas and unexpected things will come your way but you will gain the strength, the tools, the trust in yourself to respond with courage to get yourself through, you will gain resilience each time, you will gain strength and gain your ultimate power of SELF ACCEPTANCE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.






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