Moving back into reality - gaining motivation and the impact on our minds

How are you really feeling about getting back to a routine, fitting everything in and still finding the time to stay sane?


Life is very different now to how it was a year ago and we have adapted in so many ways and we are not moving through the transition to a little normality (fingers crossed)!


Resetting daily routines and adding more and more into our days can seem overwhelming when we focus on the task as a whole but when we compartmentalise and slow down we can keep the calm whilst moving forward.

When we become stressed our minds become unbalanced and our focus is lost in a cloud of thoughts, creating stress, anxieties and low mood which leads to low motivation, low self esteem and negative self talk. When we bring it back and allow ourselves the time to filter those cloudy thoughts we regain clarity.

I learnt the hard way 2 years ago, I thought I could handle it all, I didn't ask for help and I ignored all the vital signs of burnout. I created a mental block which internalised my symptoms, thoughts and feelings and I took the focus off me in order to try and be everything for everyone else, in order to feel in control and find 'perfectionism' in everything i did! In reality this manifested as an illness, it went too far and I ignored it for far too long, I ended up in hospital which a brain haemorrhage  and adrenal fatigue with life saving treatment to make me better, which has taken 2 years to recover from but has left me with ongoing daily issues to deal with. THIS IS WHEN I HAD TO CHANGE THINGS! 

The choice to change things can be daunting but do not wait unto its harder to come back from! You are so important, you are more than worthy of nourishing your mind and body so remember to treat yourself like you would treat your best friend or child! Its a powerful thought when we realise how much we neglect the place we live in, our body is our home!

So here it is a quick tip guide to finding calm in a world of crazy!

Acceptance - Accept where you are in your life, let go of what you cannot change and set intentions for what you can!

Being present - The only place where you exist, when we connect to the present we release negative thoughts, the anxiety that is created by fear of the future!

Our thoughts- Do not define us, let them come and go, do not dwell just thank them for coming and let them pass through, identify the thought as it is and let it go!

Gratitude - Bring 3 things you are grateful for into each morning and each night, this will allow you to appreciate what you have and focus on the positives in your day rather than your brain wanting to take you to the negatives! Retrain your mind to focus on the good!

Prioritise - If you have a busy schedule and stressful tasks to complete, choose the one that causes the most angst first, get it done and the others wont seem so daunting, you will achieve them more constructively and efficiently because your mind is calm.


Breath connection and movement - Mindful movement and connecting to our body each and everyday to allow you to feel grounded, create a deeper sense of peace within as you slow down enough to bring awareness to your body as it is, your mind as it is and know that you are ENOUGH! You are WORTHY! 

Release the self critic, allow yourself the space to remove obstacles, regain your purpose and find your MOTIVATION and VITALITY to create a better version of your lifestyle and feel happy every single day!

Love and Light

Alexandra xx

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