Not summer ready Life ready!

As we move into the warmer months the focus goes from what's on the inside to what we look like on the outside so this year let's change the focus back and not consume ourselves with being summer ready in the physical sense but being life ready by building confidence through mindset shift, a strong practice to tone and sculpt both the mind and the body whilst drawing out your inner power. Release from doing the same thing every year that brings you the same results and the same feelings of disappointment and refocus to feel good in your own skin every day no matter the season. Our bodies like the seasons need to adapt and create changes to honour the flow of life, no matter what stage of life you are in, no matter what you are going through mentally, emotionally and physically, you can feel better, you can grow from within, you gain gain confidence and you WILL feel amazing in your own skin!

Real life is not a gimmick, it is not something we can pick up and put down when something new comes along to try, we cannot yo-yo diet our lives, we need to build our lives, nourish our souls and rise up everyday to become life ready!

Times test us, people test us, our circles change, trauma happen and again we have to adapt so when we master the art of becoming life ready we have the power to cope with those changes, we continue to adapt our lives to flow through the motions with a little more ease, we put boundaries in place to ensure our safety and our energy is not depleted and we guide ourselves through the beauty of acceptance, for when we accept our lives, who we are, as we are, all that we have and where we are right now, we can grow, we can move up those cracked and uneven steps and we can see the vastness of the surrounding beauty as we rise!

Focusing on the shape of our mind rather than the shape of our bodies is the most empowering experience you can gain for your self worth and the gift you receive is complete unconditional self love!

Is it easy? NO
is it straight forward? NO
is it the same for everyone? NO

But it is achievable, it is there within you, you just need to believe in yourself and start to 

Love and Light