Rebuilding energy

Rebuilding energy

Resetting to rebuild energy can be tough at the pace we live our lives but it is possible to juggle what we do and still find time for ourselves, to feel at peace and be energised so take a moment to read this information as it may just have the answers to your lack of energy!

We tend to let so much get on top of us, we say 'YES' to far too many things that do not serve our energy levels and we do not spend near than enough time to replenish our inner being and rebuild the energies lost, we do not set enough boundaries to protect our energies and we continue to run on empty even when we can feel it happening, so what can we do about the cycle we are in?

Well firstly we have to accept where we are at in this present moment and stop beating ourselves up about getting to this point, it happens! It's human nature to pour our energy out but we forget that in order to do that we need to replenish that energy and we have to do that by creating a new routine, a new focus and new goals (tiny goals) everyday until it becomes our new habit!

Lack of energy does not just come from lack of sleep or stress that builds, it comes from our entire lifestyle so taking a step back to look at how we treat ourselves is essential!

1. How do I move my body?
2. How do I nourish my body with food?
3. Do I hydrate enough?
4. How much time do I spend rebuilding my energy?
5. What do I do to find calm?
6. Who is in my inner and outer circles that drains my energy?
7. What boundaries do I set?
8. Do I take care of my gut health?

Taking a moment to answer these question and the answers you give may surprise you but the reality is that looking at the changes you may need to make can feel exhausting so lets take another step back and apply tiny changes everyday!

The routine you have can always be tweaked, we adapt when we go on holiday, we adapt when we do not have all we need from our home comforts so we can adapt our everyday by putting little changes into our normal routine, self preservation is as important as brushing your teeth so add a little self kindness into your morning and nightly routines and in just a few weeks you will begin to notice the changes within your day, notice your thought processes shift and how much easier it is to fit a little more into each day, then you can look at what it is you truly need within your life, your body needs nourishing, not pushing it so far past its limits you drain more energy, your body needs protection and consistency so your mind can be retrained to love and nourish your inner being.

The choices we make reflect our lifestyle so if what you are currently doing is creating the same results over and over again then switch it up, adapt a little and tweak parts of your life until you are living the life you desire!

This life is yours to live so release expectation, let go of others judgement and start to treat yourself as an individual, the person that deserves to feel truly healthy, to feel self love and be confident in all future choice!

To discuss this more or if you have any questions about rebuilding the energy within you or anything else you may be struggling with please feel free to reach out!