Spring Equinox 2024

Spring Equinox


When things begin to shift, the time of new beginnings, to disconnect from things that being sadness and real connect to those things that bring you joy!


A blank chapter for you to script, a new phase in life beginning to unfold like the petal of a louts flower emerging from the murky waters below, leaving behind the darkness and rising within yourself to shine the light outward and into your life.


The Earth begins to shift, our patterns change, allow those changes but stay grounded, en paths warmth within and find acceptance in what you cannot change to enable you to move forward


Let’s shift the balance from winter hibernation and awaken the senses to open us up to new beginnings, growth within and a new approach to building self confidence!


Begin to cleanse the soul, embrace positive feelings and draw the warmth and strength into your life daily!


Daily gratitude

Creating time to heal

Achieving something new

Taking gentle exercise

Mindful walks in nature

Move mindfully

Go within and find your inner Buddha

Self love

Positive self talk


Shift your boundaries

Say no to what isn’t in your vision

Say no to what brings you no joy


Allow yourself to bloom, to rise and grow again and again


Love and light