Taking the fear out of meditation!

There are alot of questions around meditation and its affects on the mind and body! So much so its made it quite complicated when really we need to be simplifying it!

We want to feel good right?

We want to have a calm and contented life (as much as possible in this crazy world) but we never know where to begin so lets take the pressure off.

Breathing is a natural process within your body that draws oxygen into your lungs to keep you alive, we do this without a second thought so we are already half way there to begin our meditation journey, all we have to do now is allow ourselves to slow down and control the path our breath take through our body to get the benefits we deserve. Using our breath to its full caapacity is essential for our well-being and can help with many ailments and symptom alleviation.

The benefits to practicing regular meditation are endless so where do we start?

At the beggining, as with everything it takes time, perserverance and a trust towards your practice, focus on your intentions, why you want to feel better, what you want and need to improve in everyday life.

Lead with no expectations of what it 'should' be like or how it 'should' feel! Meditation is a practice of the self so the experience will be different for everyone, there is no right and wrong, just sit and let yourself be!

Start small, a couple of minutes to just focus your attention to your breath, acceptance of what is happening around you and the release from all you need to do. We spend more than enough time aimlessly scrolling so we can and have the time to give our brain a break.

Make no effort at all to control your breath, do not try and empty your mind, just let thoughts come and go freely. If you feel uncomfortable closing your eyes, take your focus to a fixed point and concentrate there as you breathe, a flickering candle is a good place to start.

Finding a space?? You are the space! 

So just sit comfortably and observe the space within, notice the sensations within the body , listen to your breath and allow external disturbances to melt into the background (this one comes in time), do not get stressed about interuptions, just come back and try again. 

When you start to notice the benefits and you will very quickly, your mindset will begin to shift and you are on your way to be able to manage your life, emotions and struggles with strength and courage!

Nothing in life is perfect which is why we call it practice!


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