The importance of self investment

Do you view self care as an investment in your well-being?

Do we really value our worth enough to invest in our health and engage in mental and physical connection to improve how we feel, to shift our view of ourselves and the world around us, do we take the time to value our own time?

I believe we often look at things from a very narrow perspective and that clouds our judgement of what the outcome may be, when we look at our current lifestyle, we may see patterns emerge of how we relieve our stress levels and what we feel makes us happier in that moment. 

But when we widen our perspective and begin to become aware of the affects those 'in the moment' choices have on our lives, does it really help change what we feel? Is it actually making a difference?

This is where we change the narrative, this is where our vision begins to expand and we see the sadness that still remains after that glass of wine we feel we so desperately need after a long day, the stress that still continues to rise from the lack of release because we continue with negative self talk, overthinking the negative scenarios which only leads to us being stuck in fight and flight. We may go miles to shop, to visit someone we really don't want to but we struggle to find reason to travel for our sanity. 

We will and continue to find a million ways to not invest in ourselves but let me remind you, you are unique, a one off in this world and your body is your home, so invest your time, your effort and your love into making it a beautiful and peaceful place to live!

You are worth the investment, believe in yourself, trust in the beauty of learning about your own mind and body to reconnect to your true self

Become more aware of your lifestyle and invest in your well-being

Love and light