Understanding your mind

Understanding your mind, releasing what you cannot control and reframing your mindset.


Understanding our minds and our thoughts processes can be tricky but to enable ourselves a calmer and less stressful everyday we need to delve a little deeper.


Our minds are complex and we work on menu different levels so no one person thinks the same as another, understanding our individuality is essential for our own growth mindset.


Our brains are conditioned for fight and flight, we are always on the look out for dangers so our minds stay in that state to protect us, the problem is in this state our blood pressure rises, our mods shifts and we are permanently looking for danger, this leads to feeling low, drained and emotionally exhausted.


Retraining the brain to handle these situations is key to releasing that negative mindset from a fixed to growth mindset. Retraining our pre conditioned minds takes time and effort, it takes commitment to focus our thoughts, to disassociate past traumas with our new journey and to respond rather than react to those triggers, we can reshape our whole inner dialogue, our inner picture with time, focus and by drawing in deep unconditional self love to heal and live forward.


Our minds believe what ‘WE’ tell them so what we put in we get back out, if we speak negatively and always second guess our abilities we lose trust and confidence in ourselves and our self esteem lowers creating fear and anxiety with everything we do. If we can believe the negative dialogue then surely we can believe the positive and loving words we speak too, we can reverse this way of living and reframe our thought processes.


Acceptance in the space we are in is paramount! When we find acceptance we can grow, we open the door to recovery, to another path of healing, learning and self worth to begin our journey to enlightenment.


Trusting in our process within ourselves and all that we have right now gives us our power, allows us the incredible knowledge that we have choice and we have that choice to change our ways, change our lives and the tools to deal with the unexpected, the challenges we may face will become easier with the roots that grow deep, earthing down and creating a deep strength.


A calm mind gives us the strength to be content!


Within our practice we do not force the calm we just allow it to happen so let’s take that off the mat and allow it to happen everyday within every moment to stay present as often as we can.


Let go of expectation

Release from self judgement

Give yourself permission to shift your perspective

Allow yourself to heal

Allow yourself to nourish your strength

Allow yourself to to RISE!


You are the power within you!