Why we begin on our mat!

We are beings of energy that are on the fast journey of life, we rarely slow down enough to see the light and when we do we are too busy to stop and take in its beauty. When we realise it is a journey and not a race we can begin to shift our perspective and calm our days. We start this journey on our mats to learn to focus on the present moment, to listen to our bodies and bring self awareness back through the layers of struggle, hurt and limiting self beliefs. 


Your mat is your sanctuary, your safe space to ease your mind, to loosen the tension in your body and connect you back to the earth, letting go of stress, anxities and trauma. We start to create a healthy relationship with ourselves and this is where the best journey of your life begins!


Your inner monologue creates your mindset, the way you feel and how you repond to daily life, when we permantely hear a negative voice of self sabotage we begin to believe it, our mind takes a vice like grip and it won't let go! Until we shift our speech, our inner most thoughts to bring a sense of positivity inward, with words of kindness, self love and encouragement. With just a few small conscious changes we create a beautiful environment to live in! We do not make our home a negative environment to sit in so we need to nourish our first home to make it comfortable everyday!

Self practice teaches us to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings for what they are, allows us to build strength and grow a positive mindset to trust in ourselves, self awareness is an essential part of our growth everyday to fulfil our goals, intentions and our dreams. Its all within you just waiting to be ignited!

Our bodies are our home and when we focus on our mat and give permission to ourselves to take time to become a part of ourselves again, we begin to heal our minds, we shape our thoughts and we feel better about ourselves, our well-being grows when we release the stream of negativity behind us, self judgement is irrelevant in our lives, limiting beliefs only keep us static, so if you want to find true happiness, get your mat out, lay down and just breathe into your being, appreciate who you are, all that you do and know you have made the best choice towards a healthier, balanced and more peaceful you! 

Yoga encourages you to show up for yourself exactly as you are and who you are is beautiful!


Love and light 


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