About Alexandra


I'm Alexandra, a specialist Yoga therapist based in Maldon, Essex. I am a mum to three beautiful children and I have enjoyed the benefits of yoga for 9 years now. 
I discovered yoga as an attempt to help manage 2 chronic conditions. I started with meditation and gradually moved on to the physical side. I built up my practice and realised I was gaining strength I didn’t know I had.
It has given me so much more than physical strength, it has given me a sense of being, its allowed me to understand my own body, to be mindful and to rest when I need to. To get to know me and I want to pass that strength on to others! 

My Approach

My passion is to guide, help and support you to live a mindful life, to find your purpose and be content in both your life and your body. The simple life you dream of is just under the surface and I am here to help you find the way to inner peace.
I am honest, open and very true to life with my clients, which means you will receive a very real life engagement. Life is hard and bad things happen but we choose our path, we choose our reactions and this is where I bring techniques into your everyday life to heal from trauma, struggles and to allow you to regain your strength and balance from the inside out.

Life Changing Impact

Working on yourself everyday will have a life changing impact, you will be able to deal with daily life with a positive mindset and you will have the control to reset yourself to make better decisions. The physical follows the mind and you will gain so much focus, stability and strength through yoga practice.
I guide you through a new way of life whether it’s mentally, emotionally or physically or all three, it’s all progress and am here to support you as well as teach you. Once you join me, you are a part of me and I am there on and off the mat! 

My Sessions

For July I am continuing to offer online classes on Sunday's and Monday's via Zoom. If you have been to one of my sessions before you'll know what to expect but I warmly welcome newcomers of all ages and abilities. All you need is a mat and an open mind! 
To book a single session or 4 week block starting in July, click here