Find your balance - emotional balance and release

Find your balance - emotional balance and release

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I invite you to join me for this 2hr class to connect you back to self love and acceptance through gentle restorative yoga to release deep rooted emotion caused by life's traumas. We store so much emotion and stress within from every moment of trauma we encounter in life and this class will allow you to begin to find ways to release the pressure, to regain some strength to begin to restore your mental and physical health!

We often get to a point where so much emotion has built that we suppress it unconsciously and it begins to affect us daily, in every moment, every thought, every choice we make. 

So if you are feeling that build up, if you need to find a way to manage your trauma or you just need a release then this class is a safe, controlled environment for you to begin to heal in, with those that are going through similar feelings and just need some support to soothe mind and body through difficult emotion to find healing in trauma


In this class we will take some time to release what we are feeling from our thoughts in a personal journal, we will set an intention to allow time within the space to let go of those emotions that have been dragging you down for so long, we will focus on clearing toxic energies within by unblocking our chakra system to regain grounding. Movements will be slow and supported so no experience is necessary and there are absolutely no expectations for this class at all. 

All you need to do is come along, be in your own space, and open your mind and heart to let go, invite healing in and begin to feel better within yourself!

Structure of the class:

welcome , journalling private thoughts to release unwanted emotion, breath connection to soothe the nervous system, gentle restorative yoga to soothe the body and create space to regain balance within, a deep guided meditation connection to completely soothe the mind, body and soul bringing you into a blissful state of pure peace!

We then close the class, take time for self reflection and settle with a warming heart opening cacao drink to manifest self love and healing into your life


What to bring along:

A cosy blanket and pillow

A drink of water

A Journal or notebook with a pen

Wear warm comfy clothes

Come as you are, no matter your reasons, no matter your trauma or inexperience, this is not a class to bend yourself into a pretzel, this is to find your connection back to yourself, to ease you out of discomfort to achieve blissful release in a comfortable and safe environment with the support of myself to guide you towards tranquility

This will be a small group of people in a safe and supportive environment

Location: kings head centre, 38 high street maldon CM9 5PN

Friday 23rd February 6-8pm  

Limited to 6 spaces to ensure a calm and comfortable environment